Clear Aligners (SmileLign, ClearCorrect)

Clear Aligners (SmileLign, ClearCorrect)

You want straight teeth, but without fixed braces? Complete invisibility of braces and a high level of comfort at any time of day are things that you consider important? Clear aligners could be the right solution! It is a set of transparent splints which are made with special CAD/CAM technology according to precise jaw prints. 

Under the guidance of experts the program creates a simulation of a therapy and a splint is made for each phase of the movement of teeth. You need to wear the splints for about 22 hours a day - they are removed only when eating. When one splint creates a shift for which it is designed, we proceed to the second splint, and so on until the end of the therapy. The therapy lasts longer than other mobile versions (Inman Aligner), but the main advantage of clear aligners lies in their invisibility and wearing elegance. I

t is important to note that success depends on the discipline of the patient as well as a good selection of cases, since this type of therapy is not for difficult orthodontic irregularities where classic fixed braces are irreplaceable.

Esthetic dental center Zagreb - Published 20.04.2014 - 7534 views

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