Smile Design

Smile Design

Modern dentistry 

Modern dentistry corrects various cosmetic and functional defects of teeth, but also a smile in its entirety. According to research, a smile is one of the first things we notice on the other person. An attractive and pleasant smile means a lot in everyday communication. 

A revolutionary tool for the active involvement of patients in designing their new looks was developed recently, the so-called "Smile design". The procedure consists of taking dental impressions and photographs, based on which the technician prepares a simulation of future teeth in wax (wax-up).  Upon your second coming to the office, with the use of computer simulation, or better yet, by direct making of temporary restorations in the patient’s mouth, we get the so-called "mock-up" - a near-perfect representation of shape, size and colour of future teeth! 

Then the patient can create the details of his/her future smile with their own suggestions, in cooperation with their aesthetic dentist. In this way highly individualized and aesthetic dental work is obtained (ceramic veneers, metal free crowns, etc.).

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