Dental Implants

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Are dental implants the solution for me?

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are titanium screws that replace missing teeth. They consist of parts that are incorporated into the bone and super construction - upgrades that is later carried by the tooth, bridge or denture. Dental implants are biocompatible, meaning that completely blend into the bones and the body accepts them as their own. The result is a completely natural feel and function of what you had with your own teeth.

Why dental implants?

1. Prevent the loss of bone and soft tissue that inevitably happens with the loss of teeth, thus creating a great aesthetic problem. Edentia over a long period of time leads to the poor transmission of masticator forces, overloading the remaining teeth, and the suffering from headaches and pain in the joints.

2. Replace the missing teeth without drilling and burdening the healthy neighbouring teeth.

3. Get rid of the uncertainty and wondering whether your old dentures will betray you and come off at the worst possible time (lunch, meetings, etc.). Implants are completely immobile, not uncomfortable, do not interfere with your speech..

4. Eat all food as though you have your own teeth.

Return your confidence and the big smile on your face!

Am I a candidate?

If you are missing one or more teeth and you want to smile, speak and eat with a feeling of comfort and self-confidence, we have good news for you! Implants are tooth replacements that look completely natural and you feel as though as they are your own.

How long do they last?

Under with certain conditions, like the fact that they are set by an educated experienced implatologist and with good care, the implants can last a lifetime. The maintenance they need is the same as those you give to your own teeth: regular and thorough brushing and the use of interdental brushes and floss.

Implants vs. bridge?

Each missing tooth should be compensated for preserving the function and integrity of the oral cavity, and implants are the best way to restore the lost teeth without drilling the surrounding teeth.

Implants vs. dentures?   

Recently, the loss of all teeth finished as wearing a denture which patients had trouble adjusting to and poorly met its functions. Now, thanks to dental implants, that has been changed and with 4 – 8 implants per jaw, we restore your teeth almost completely and you can eat food you only dreamed of when you had dentures.

How are implants fitted?

The titanium screw is installed in the bone, after which a few months as a rule need to pass in order for the implant to completely grow into the bone. After this, the implants are opened and the creation of the prosthetic substitute (prints, tests, etc.) is continued. In the meantime, the patient wears a temporary creation which allows the satisfactory function of aesthetics until the treatment is completely finished.

Prices of teeth implants

The price at the present time, is unfortunately the most important factor in deciding on dental surgery. That is why we offer several renowned implant systems: ICX, MIS, Ankylos, Straumann, and various possibilities of payment – cash, credit cards, instalments...

All-on-4 system

The concept was developed to offer a fixed prosthesis to patients with extensive bone loss and edentulous ridges. This avoids heavy and long-term reconstruction of the bone ridge. The entire operation, of the bridge in this system instead of the 6 or 8 is held on 4 specially designed and positioned implants (according to the most modern 3D CBCT diagnosis), and is removed when necessary for cleaning and annual checkups. The best of all is that in most cases, you can get the teeth in the shortest possible time - no waiting!

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