Teeth whitening

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Why decide on teeth whitening?

Your smile tells more about you than any other physical characteristic. The smile is the first thing people around you notice and if it is beautiful, it gives you confidence and influences a more open and better communication with others. Imagine all the good changes a more radiant and whiter smile can bring to you.

Teeth whitening can drastically improve the appearance of your smile and your personality. But with all the different options for whitening, how to choose the right one?

First step

Ask your dentist about Opalescence, the world's leading products for teeth whitening. Whitening treatments with Opalescence professional products produce beautiful, long-lasting results. Safe and effective, the Opalescence teeth whitening products at the same time protect against cavities, alleviating hypersensitivity and make your enamel healthier *. Opalescence professional treatments for teeth whitening are strong and very effective, and therefore are only available from your dentist.

Whitening your smile.

Many factors affect the colour of teeth, including aging, as well as certain medications. Many habits, such as drinking coffee, coloured carbonated drinks, tea and red wine, can also affect the colour of your teeth and brilliance of your smile. Maybe you have already tried with different whitening toothpastes and other preparations from drugstores that may give temporary results, but you would like more. If you want the best products for whitening, then you want Opalescence. Opalescence teeth whitening systems offer a professional strength of whitening. Certainly, whitening under the supervision of your dentist has scientifically proved its safety in many studies over the past 30 years.

The main active ingredient of the Opalescence whitening preparation, carbamide peroxide, has effectively and safely whitened the teeth of millions of people worldwide. The Opalescence teeth whitening systems often give noticeable results after the first night of treatment. Optimum natural whiteness is usually achieved after 7-10 days. After the screening and diagnosis of colourings, your dentist will tell you what you can expect in your individual case. Depending on the need, your dentist may suggest bleaching in the office, at home, and often a combination of these two treatments. If home whitening is recommended, you will receive universal or individual made ​​splints. Apply the whitening gel in the trays and slide it over the tooth. The time period of wearing the splint depends on several factors, so strictly follow your dentist’s instructions. During the procedure of whitening, the carbamide peroxides decompose and releases oxygen that penetrates the tooth enamel. It bleaches discolorations, but does not change the structure of the tooth.

Preserve your radiant smile.

After you have whitened your teeth, preserve your radiant smile with good oral hygiene and brushing your teeth immediately after consuming strongly coloured food and beverages. Using Opalescense Whitening Toothpaste is a simple way to keep your radiant smile because along with whitening your smile by preventing and removing plaque, if offers a much greater absorption of fluoride than ordinary toothpaste. Ask your dentist about Opalescense toothpaste for whitening and keep your pearly white smile radiant and healthy for a long time.

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